A New Beginning!

The Interlopers New Line Up 2016
Dear Fans, Family and Friends!
My oh my, has It been a while! This past year has been quite a tumultuous, challenging, and life changing time. Last summer marked the end of an era for The Interlopers, bringing the graduations of Nicholas, Ariel, and Nick, and a realization that after 6 years of music making and booty shaking, the band as we knew it had to end. Nicholas has now moved out to LA to continue his career as a guitar player, while Ariel, Nick, Myles and Kyle remained in the Boston area, continuing school, and continuing to perform. This past year, I made the choice to return to school to finish my degree, and this past spring, had the immense pleasure of studying abroad in Valencia, Spain. It was the single most gratifying experience I have ever had, and because of this experience, I am reaching out to you all again now! It can be hard to put things like this into words, but what I can say is that I was part of a beautiful community of people all thrust out of their comfort zones, all studying or traveling and all of us in awe with the immensity and sudden accessibility of the world around us. New friends, a beautiful new environment, a new language, and new experiences around every corner made everyday more inspiring than the next. It took months of thought to accept that The Interlopers’s journey as I had known it was over, and months of keeping new original music pent up inside, fighting against the wealth of inspiration that I now found myself in. And then, all of sudden, It became apparent that it was impossible, with so many new opportunities, and so many new people to share music with, not to build a new line up of awesome musicians to pick up where I had left off. Effortlessly, organically, and enthusiastically, it all came together! I’m incredibly excited to introduce yet another group of talented and lovable human beings to The Interlopers family; Adam Marks on Keyboard, Guillermo “GUI” Goldschmied on Bass, and Ian Schaid on Guitar! Since March, we have had the pleasure of performing all through out Valencia, collaborating with many new artists from all over the world, and expanding our sights not just nationally, but globally! Now, back in Boston, MA for the next year, I’m thrilled to announce that there is lots of new music, videos, and tours coming in the near future and want to thank everyone who have supported myself and The Interlopers through our journey thus far. Please stay tuned, because I can guarantee, the journey’s just beginning!
Thank you for everything and looking forward to seeing many of you very soon!
With Love,
 – The Interlopers

Brighton Music Hall 5/2

We couldn’t be more excited to reveal our latest poster artwork by the incredible Tyler Gasek! Catch us Saturday, May 2nd at Brighton Music Hall with NOVI Productions and West End Blend! ! Tickets on sale now! Get your tickets here

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Brighton Music Hall